Working environment

AU emergency phone number: 87 15 16 17

Industrial Injuries

Work related accidents must be reported by filling out the information online. You will find the form via a link on the right-hand side.

The Occupational Health and Safety Organization

The Occupational Health and Safety Organization consists of four levels:

  • Main Occupational Health and Safety Committee (HSU)
  • Faculty and Administration Occupational Health and Safety Groups (FAMU/AAMU)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee and Department Committee (LAMU)
  • Local Occupational Health and Safety groups (AMG)

GMO Work

All work on GMO organisms must be reported to the Danish Working Environment Authority. The notification consists of: 

  • a project review to be renewed every 5 years.
  • a lab permit (classification as a class 1 lab) that is not, as a rule, limited in time.

The project owner must subsequently file various permits so that they can be presented if the Labour Inspectorate wishes to see them during a supervisory visit.

Classification and authorisations

Project permits from the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The Department has received approval of the GMO classification applications for the Skou building. It is possible for group leaders to have existing project permissions updated with the new Lab IDs. This is required for permits for activities that are to take place in class 1, class 2 and / or class animals. The easiest way to have existing permissions updated is by sending an email to the Danish Working Environment Authority - use the address:  They ask for a clear indication of which permission is being updated with the new Lab ID in the mail.

The new Lab IDs in Skou:

  • GMO kl. 1 lab id 230 467
  • GMO kl. 2 lab id 230 465
  • GMO kl. 1 and Animals lab id 230 464
  • GMO kl. 2 and Animals lab id 230 466

When you apply for new permits online, you must use the following information:
AU’s CVR: 31119103, Skous P-number: 1023869604 and the address Høegh-Guldbergsgade 10, 8000 Aarhus C (NB: the road from Høegh-Guldbergsgade cannot be used yet). New permits cannot be applied for by e-mail or letter. Use the following link for: Schedules for GMO room and project reviews

Since permits for work with biological agents only need to be renewed in the event of significant changes, they should not be renewed when moving the building when continuing to work in labs with the same precautions / classification.

Regarding isotope permits in Skou: Peder Madsen will apply to become a radiation protection coordinator. For work with isotopes, contact Peder Madsen ( for instruction.

There is no news regarding applications or updates to existing permits to the Animal Research Inspectorate.

Classified rooms in the Skou Building

Closure of isotope laboratories

Enter the Danish Health Authority's website and complete the electronic form.

Please specify:

  • which authorisation it concerns
  • which isotope lab it concerns

Attach a file for each isotope lab. Use, for example the form that is ordinarily used by your lab for regular controls and measurements of the radio nucleotides you use - and which state:

  • the measuring equipment you use to check for "beta and gamma isotope waste". 
  • (NB! For beta radiation "wipe samples" and subsequent measurement in scintillation counter).
  • the date of control measurement.
  • the area and the activity measured in the isotoplab.

Attach a statement that you have disposed of all radioactive material. You can remove the "Isotope Signage" on receit of receipt from the Danish Health Authority.

Workplace assessment, working environment discussions

Working environment discussions

Once a year, the working environment organisation and management in collaboration with the employees discuss how to organise the following year's collaboration as to the working environment. The committee will assess whether the objectives of the previous year have been achieved and establish new objectives for the following year's collaboration. On this basis, the committee must prepare a plan for how they will work together in the coming year to ensure a good working environment. The discussion is statutory. Read more on the Danish Working Environment Authority's website   

The working environment discussions below are in Danish:

Psychological and physical working environment