The Skou building

The Glasware Cleaning Section and Procedure

The glassware-cleaning unit picks up dishes in the gray buckets every morning.

The unit returns the buckets on each floor and leaves them next to the lift. You yourself distribute the glassware/utensils in your individual aisle.

In the metal buckets in the passages on each floor there are steel buckets for waste to be autoclaved.

Remember that the bags must be inside the bucket when you close the lid, otherwise it will melt over the bucket during autoclaving.

It will be a great help for the glassware-cleaning unit, if you make room in the laboratory corridors so that trolleys with clean glass can pass.

Office runners

We have three office runners who serve the entire Biomedicine. They are located in the Skou building.

Mette and Anne are available daily from 8-14 (approx), Mathias can be contacted on Wednesday and Friday but checks his mail daily.

Contact on tel: 21 36 64 73 and/or mail:

Mathias is responsible for gloves, the chemical room and the waste room. Inquiries regarding this should be mailed to

    Rember to registrate your new location

    We have now updated all persons in our address book who have returned a completed form with information about their new location to Ulla Vosegaard Als.

    This means that we are now able to forward mails exclusively to employees located in the Skou building. Please remind your colleagues to change their address if they have not already done so.

    In the future, information that is only relevant to employees located in the Skou building will be sent only to them. If you have not updated your address, you may miss important information.

    You can change your address by writing to with information about your new building number and room number.

    Do not open the windows in the laboratories

    All windows on the laboratory side throughout the building are for emergency use only if persons are to be evacuated through them. The fire department has demanded that all laboratories have an emergency opening in case of fire.

    The windows cannot withstand being open, and in windy weather the windows have been close to falling out. The frames become crooked by being open in the wind and are therefore very difficult to close again.

    Mail and Packages

    Packets are handed in at the goods reception and preferably checked by the office girl.
    The office girl (or the one who checks incoming packages) stores the packages in the fridge or the appropriate freezer, if it appears from the package, and the office girl notifies the recipient by email.

    Packages for 1182 and 1170 are delivered once a day.

    The office girl distributes ordinary mail to each floor of the building.

    Copy Machines and Printer Rooms

    There are copy machines on all floors that you can print to via FollowMe.

    The machines on floors 2 to 4 are identical and basic machines, while the machine on the 1st floor is somewhat larger and has booklet printing and folding.

    If you have problems with FollowMe print, please contact the IT support.

    The printer rooms are provided with paper cutters, staplers etc. On the 1st floor the printer room is provided with more and bigger equipment than on the other floors.

    Stockroom and Shop, 5th floor in building 1116

    Our new stockroom and shop with laboratory supplies and other items for daily use is located on the 5th floor of building 1116.

    Ordering of products

    If you need assistance, please contact our office runners:

    • Mathias Voetmann: 21366473
    • Alma Bjørn Christensen: 93521864

    Coffee Makers

    The coffee machines in the canteen have become popular and many employees become a little impatient if there are no milk or beans.
    The machines easily break down if you do not know how to operate them. We already have several examples of people trying to pour in milk in the wrong holes or with the wrong type of milk.
    Therefore, please leave the maintenance of the machines to our office girl and call her if the machines need refilling etc.

    Meeting Room Monitors

    The screens outside the meeting rooms display who has booked the room and for how long. When you hold a meeting you have to remember to click on "Confirm" on the screen. Otherwise, the room is cancelled in the calendar 15 minutes after the planned start, and others can then book the room. 

    If you get past an available meeting room, you can book it directly from the screen for a meeting at fixed intervals.    

    Waste Sorting and Recycling in The Skou Building

    With the move into the Skou building, we focus more on waste sorting and recycling in cooperation with the building operation and cleaning staff.

    Last year alone, Health sent 10 tonnes of cardboard and 6.5 tonnes of paper for recycling. Together we will try to improve this number even more in 2019.

    That is why we get a.o. new wastepaper bins and dustbins in the offices as well as a central waste and sorting room on the ground floor.

    The rules for waste management in the laboratories are being prepared    

    Wastepaper Bins and Dustbins

    You will find a new wastepaper bin in you office, which is ONLY for paper. 
    You empty the bin at the nearest copy room (one on each floor).

    You will also find a small rubbish bin/basket on your office desk, which you must use for ordinary food waste, e.g. fruit waste, food paper etc.

    You empty your rubbish bin in the nearest kitchenette or in one of the rubbish bins for small combustibles placed in the common areas.

    The "old" rubbish bins will be removed to prevent recyclable waste from ending in the wrong waste system.

    The Waste Room 0. floor

    In the waste room, 0. floor, in build. 1115 a paper container has been set up to be used for only paper, see map.

    A paper press is available for the disposal/handling of cardboard and you are welcome to operate it by yourself.

    Sorting and disposal options for electronic scrap, metal and plastic are set up as soon as possible.