Deadlines for funding applications

At the Department of Biomedicine, funding applications of DKK one million and above must be reviewed internally before they are submitted, as external funding is of importance to the department's finances. Both the project description and the budget have to be reviewed by the department head.

Please note that all applications of DKK 100,000 or above must be entered in ReAp.

The following time schedule can help to give you an overview of the different tasks involved in the application process. If you want help from the Research Support Office or the department’s administration, these deadlines must be complied with. Otherwise help cannot be guaranteed.

Also, please note that the time schedule does not include EU applications. For these you need to begin well in advance of the deadline, and the Research Support Office must be involved from the very start.

Time schedule for applications over DKK one million

Number of weeks  to deadline    


4 weeks  

You have the opportunity to contact the Research Support Office and/or the department's fundraiser to make arrangements for feedback on e.g. composition, formal aspects and budget.  

3 weeks

If the foundation uses an electronic application system, it can be a good idea to create a profile now. Check the application requirements once you have access (eligibility, the extent of documentation of previous work/CV/publications, potential need for recommendation letters etc.).    

2 weeks

Send the budget to the department head who must approve and sign the application.     

1 week

All applications above DKK one million must be quality assured by the department head in cooperation with the department’s fundraiser, who screens the application and assesses whether there is a need for improvements. If there is a need for a major review and possible revision of the application, the applicant and the department head will together agree on a procedure for how the application can be improved. This could e.g. be by seeking advice from an experienced researcher who does not belong to the research group. Researchers from the entire faculty may be utilised to help with this. If the application is not sent to the department head one week before the deadline, the application risks not being submitted.     


Submit the application and, at the same time, enter information about the application in ReAp. This typically takes a few minutes and it is your responsibility to ensure that the information in ReAp is correct.     

When you receive a grant

Enter the amount awarded in ReAp. HE Finance helps in the usual way with creating the project – please contact your project finance administrator.