Help from the Research Support Office


The Research Support Office offers personal assistance to most researchers at Health with their applications for funding. However, due to the need to prioritise resources, PhD students and researchers below assistant professor and postdoc level should use the help options presented under "Special information for PhD students".


The Research Support Office helps to draw up a funding strategy, prepare bibliometric analyses, write/quality assure applications as well as assist with project management and budgeting. Finally, the Research Support Office makes a range of self-help tools available and holds regular courses on good applications


For applications to national foundations, assistance from the Research Support Office is offered to all researchers above postdoc level. If an application belongs under the Horizon Europe programmes, the Research Support Office acts as project manager and must be involved in all phases. Finds out more at their special website on EU applications


Call or write to a member of the Research Support Office’s Health team.

Special information for PhD students

PhD students and researchers below assistant professor and postdoc level must use the supervisors to ensure the quality of research applications. In addition, they are encouraged to make use of these offers:

In exceptional cases, if there is an application from a PhD student with major strategic importance for the department, the department head can contact the Research Support Office and make a special agreement.


Inge Andresen

Research Funding Advisor

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