Better applications for funding

In general, experience shows that sparring is necessary for preparing funding applications. At the Department of Biomedicine, the guidelines are as follows:

Major applications

There are internal reviews for applications above DKK one million. Contact the department's fundraiser and department head so you can agree on the best process. Please be aware of the help options offered by the Research Support Office. You can find out more in the overview Deadlines for funding applications.

EU foundations

The Research Support Office must be involved in applications that fall under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes. This applies both when you take the initiative and when the department management team encourages you to apply.

Contact both the Research Support Office and the department head, before you begin the application and do so in good time so there is not any time pressure preventing you from applying. In cases where the applicant is the coordinator, the Research Support Office must be contacted no later than two months prior to the application deadline and preferably earlier.

See the annual schedule for foundation deadlines

See also

Special information for PhD students

PhD students and researchers below assistant professor and postdoc level must use the supervisors to ensure the quality of research applications. In addition, they are encouraged to make use of these offers:

In exceptional cases, if there is an application from a PhD student with major strategic importance for the department, the department head can contact the Research Support Office and make a special agreement.