Practical info and facilities

Post and Packages

  • Post & packages handling at the Department of Biomedicine.

    All outgoing letters are sent as B-mail. This means that your letter is received within 4 days of sending. If your letter needs to arrive the day after it is sent, send it as a Quick Mail and type "Q" at the top center of the envelope.

  • Incoming packages
    As of 12 February 2020, all incoming packages will be delivered to the stock delivery room in the Skou building.

    Our office runners email everyone who has received a package/packages and invite you to pick up your package in the Skou building.

    Unclaimed packages will be transported to Anatomy's and Physiology’s stock delivery areas the same day in the afternoon and placed in the refrigerator/freezer where the recipient must pick up the ordered items himself/herself.

  • AU Internal mail service 
  • Dangerous goods shipments

Courier Transfers (domestic/international)

The University has switched to using Blue Water Shipping as courier (see further information about the agreement)

Blue Water Shipping contacts



Password: Biomed12345

Invoicing: Remember to enter your name / mail in the "REFERENCE" section under "Additional booking information" for correct invoicing.

Shipments abroad (non-EU) of research material without commercial value must always be accompanied by a pro forma invoice.  

Your may still use Postnord - express and courier mail:

Office Runners

We have got two new office runners who serve the entire Biomedicine. They are located in the Skou building.

Mathias Voetmann and Alma Bjørn Christensen will help make all minor and major practical things work and can be contacted at:

  • Mathias on mobile phone:  93521853
  • You can contact Alma on mobile phone: 9352 1864

Secretarial assistance

The secretariat at the Department of Biomedicine is placed in the Skou building and building 1231.

The management secretariat, which provides support for management functions, backup functions and communication tasks, is also located in the Skou building 1116 

The secretariats can be contacted at

Secretariat staff memebers

Envelopes, letterheaded paper, business cards

You will receive your business cards within four to five business days.

Stock room and shop

Our new stockroom  and shop with lab supplies and other products is located on the 5th floor in building 1116.


If you need assistance, please contact our office runners:

  • Mathias Voetmann: 21366473
  • Alma Bjørn Christensen: 93521864

Lost items

Lost/forgotten valuables and clothing are stored in the secretariat for a week and then placed in the storage room in the Skou building