Booking of official cars

Company cars are booked via the electronic calendar on the mail server. To book a car, you "invite" your selected car (instead of a person) to meet (same procedure as for the reservation of rooms). The car subsequently confirms your reservation.

If you add the calendars of the individual cars to your Outlook, you can view your reservation directly in the specific "car calendar".

Company CARS at the Department of Biomedicine

  • 1170-Kia Ceed-Sort-AV89147
  • 1170-Kia Ceed-Sort-BZ21759
  • 1242-Kia Ceed-koksgrå-BC33564
  • 1233-Ford C Max mørkegrå: BY65066

Keys are collected from the kitchen drawer, first floor, build. 1116

When driving abroad, insurance must be taken out. It is important that the insurance is paid before the trip begins. The secretariat can help with ordering insurance, but it is the driver's responsibility that the insurance is paid