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Alcohol Policy

Processed by LSU 19.12.2016. In effect from June 1st 2017.

Guidelines for alcohol consumption in connection with work at the Department of Biomedicine

The guidelines come within AU's general HR policies.

1. Objectives of the guidelines

To ensure that alcohol consumption in connection with work at the Department does not impair the safety, well-being, work performance of the employees, or damage the Department’s reputation.

Work at the Department of Biomedicine is basically incompatible with the consumption of alcohol. Work with chemicals, machinery, equipment, etc. may pose a safety risk to the person working and to others.

To support a culture where alcohol is not a common part of everyday life.

2. Delimitation of the application of the guidelines

These guidelines apply to all employees and cover the period of time during which they perform work within their employment at the Department. Consequently, the above guidelines also apply in connection with the employees' and students' participation in conferences, meetings, etc. as well as in connection with travel, posting abroad, etc.

3. Rules of alcohol consumption

It is forbidden to show up for work under the influence of alcohol and/or with a smell of alcohol.

Consumption of alcohol during working hours is prohibited except in connection with in-house events at the Department: Participation in receptions in connection with anniversaries, resignations, exams, birthdays, Christmas parties, Friday bars, etc. 
If work is to be resumed subsequently, alcohol consumption must be restricted and with regard for the employee’s subsequent duties.

Consumption of alcohol during working hours is prohibited except in connection with external events: Participation in social gatherings in connection with meetings, conferences etc. where consumption of alcohol is custom.
At such events, alcohol consumption must be limited to an extent that does not affect the subsequent work of the same day or the following working day. Alcohol consumption must always be limited to an extent that will not damage the reputation of the Department or the university. 

Receptions, meetings, etc. that are held at the Department and include the serving of alcohol should be scheduled at the end of the day.
Receptions will normally be held from 14:00 and onwards. The Department Head may, however, grant exemption from this.

4. Follow-up 

Obligations of colleagues
Any employee or student at the Department who becomes aware of a violation of the guidelines for alcohol consumption in connection with work at the Department  should immediately  speak with the colleague in question and/or the union representative, working environment representative, the group leader, the student's supervisor or the Department Head.

Obligations of the Department management team
If the Department management team suspects an employee to violate the guidelines for consumption of alcohol - or has been made aware of a suspected misconduct, the Department management team has an obligation to speak with the person in question as soon as possible together with the union representative and provide information about the possibilities of treatment (in case of a substance abuse problem), and, if needed, inform about the consequences of a persistent violation of the guidelines (dismissal/expulsion).



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