Technical/administrative staff courses, rules for support and application form

Guidelines for course support


To specify how the processing of applications from TAP employees for courses should take place in order to ensure equal access to course funds and to make good use of the department's course funding through a general prioritisation (to be discussed in relevant fora).


It is possible to apply for funding for both courses and coverage of expenses for professional meetings, conferences etc.

All technical/administrative staff at the department can apply the course account.

General information regarding preparation of applications, criteria for prioritisation, etc.

  • The application form must be used
  • Applications must be submitted as 1 coherent pdf-file to Jeannette Madsen (
  • In terms of prioritisation, the extent to which the employee has previously received funding for courses is considered. Also the professional and personal benefits/outcome that the employee is expected to recieve in relation to his or her own work situation will be looked at, and, after assessment, the department's need for competences.
  • You can only apply in connection with the application deadlines.
  •  If possible, you are expected also to apply The State Sector Competence Fund (see link to the right of the page). If you obtain a grant from The State Sector Comptence Fund, you must withdraw your application at the department.
  • You must state the cheapest method of travel in your application and enclose the programme for the course/professional arrangement you apply for.
  • A committee of three employees appointed by the head of department prioritises the applications received.

Application deadlines

1. March

1. June

1. September

1. December

The committee will process applications within 10 working days.

Please attach a statement of support from your nearest leade.