Animal facilities

at the Department of Biomedicine

The biomedical animal facilities consist of a large facility located in the Bartholin building, where there is a barrier section (SPF) for the preparation and production of inbred and genetically modified mice.

There are conventional stables next to the animal facilities in the Bartholin building and smaller stables located in the anatomy, biochemistry and physiology buildings, respectively. The facilities have a common manager who will ensure the overall coordination as well as an academic leader, a veterinary surgeon.

There are common guidelines for working in the facilities. Access and use of the facilities requires that you have carefully read and know the rules.

Working with animals also requires that you have completed a 30-hour course in animal scientific experiments, and it is mandatory to have gone over the rules of access and traffic in the animal facilities with the staff in charge of the facilities.

Only authorized users and/or biomedical employees have access to/can log into the facilities.

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Head of Animal Facilities

Jakob le Fèvre Harslund

Head of Laboratory Animal Core Facility Department of Biomedicine - Dyrestald, Skou-bygningen