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The School of Dentistry, Aarhus
9 Vennelyst Boulevard, build. 1610, at the main entrance

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Biomedical Mailing Lists

Biomedical mailing lists are autogenerated and must be kept updated for optimal use. Please check your personal information  and inform your local secretariat for corrections and update, if any.

DANDRITE mailing lists are autogenerated separately and listed at the bottom. Staff at Dandrite do not feature on the other lists.

  • #Biomed Alle

Lists based on position

  • #Biomed Alle VIP (not PhDs)
  • #Biomed Alle PhD
  • #Biomed Alle TAP

 Lists based on unit

  • #Biomed Syd
  • #Biomed Øst
  • #Biomed Vest

 Lists based on building

  • #Biomed Bygning 1170
  • #Biomed Bygning 1160
  • #Biomed Bygning 1180

 Dandrite lists based on unit

 Dandrite list of all staff