VIDEO: PhD Day returns with format updates

More keynotes, fewer posters, and an entirely new workshop on health innovation. When PhD Day returns right after the turn of the year, it will do so with several adjustments and a few entirely new features on the programme.

Members of the organizing committee for PhD Day present some of the many adjustments to the format in a short video. Photo: Simon Byrial Fischel, AU Health.

Important dates and deadlines for PhD Day 2024

In January, The Lakeside Lecture Theatres will host Health's major PhD day for the fifteenth time, where hundreds of PhD and research-year students gather to present and discuss their research projects.

After a decade and a half, the event – unsurprisingly – comes with a string of established traditions. Three of the faculty's sharp PhD students will compete in the Fogh-Nielsen competition, renowned international keynotes will give inspiring talks, and it will all conclude with a grand dinner party for all participants. Of course, no changes have been made to that. However, the organizing committee has still decided to modify several aspects of the event's format.

Posters are out

Most notably, posters – both physical and digital – have been entirely removed from the programme. The hundreds of PhD students who usually use the poster sessions to vie for attention in crowded rooms will now instead present in one of three categories, depending on where they are in their PhD trajectory:

  • 2½-minute pitch for first-year students
  • 4-minute flash talk for second-year students
  • 10-minute oral session for third-year students.

In a completely new move, the cards are being shuffled, so first, second, and third-year students all participate in sessions together. This allows for more topic-specific groups, with presentations that are more closely related.

New workshop on health innovation woven into the programme

As another new addition, the Research Training Programme at Health is offering a two-day workshop on health innovation, taking place in the days leading up to PhD Day. Under the title "Fill up your toolbox for future commercial collaboration", students from the entire AU can learn to work in teams to find an innovative solution to a current case from the biotech company Roche.

The workshop teaches students to professionally engage in a multidisciplinary team and to generate innovative business ideas with the end-user in mind. And, to conclude the workshop, participants present their case solutions at PhD Day. For the PhD students at Health, it is even possible for the workshop presentation to replace the research project presentation.

You can read more about the workshop and see how to register on the Research Training's website.

Lots to experience despite a shorter programme

Another new feature for the upcoming PhD Day is that the organizing committee has decided to cut back in the late afternoon hours. The day's academic programme therefore ends with coffee and cake at 3 pm, allowing participants to clear their heads before the evening's dinner party in the Turbine Halls.

Even if the daily programme is shortened, there is still room for hundreds of presentations, two keynote speakers, networking, and – of course – the Fogh-Nielsen competition, which this year takes place in the morning.

The day's many prize ceremonies take place during the dinner, where, among other things, the Fogh-Nielsen winner is crowned, and the PhD supervisor of the year is awarded the JCD prize.

Read more about PhD Day on the Research Training's website. Here, you will also find the entire programme for this year's PhD Day.


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