New professor aims to advance autophagy research

Fulvio Reggiori has been appointed as a professor at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University, where he conducts research into the field of autophagy.

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Professor, Dr. Fulvio Reggiori Photo: AU

The field of autophagy, an intracellular degradative process, has many critical prospects concerning the treatment or prevention of various conditions and disorders. With his extensive research in autophagy, Fulvio Reggiori’s appointment is a significant addition to the broad expertise of the Department of Biomedicine.

“An impairment or defect in autophagy leads to severe pathologies such as neurodegeneration, myopathies, chronic inflammations, and some malignancies. Crucially, it has also been shown that autophagy is an effective therapy to prevent or cure diseases, including specific types of tumors, muscular dystrophies, and neurodegenerative disorders,” says Fulvio Reggiori and continues:  

“Since autophagy is a fundamental process in all the eukaryotic cells, understanding the mechanisms involved in activation and regulation of autophagy is of primary medical relevance for all disciplines within life sciences and medicine.” Fulvio Reggiori’s laboratory is investigating the mechanism of autophagy but also the interaction between viruses and autophagy, and the role of autophagy in preventing neurodegeneration.

Fulvio Reggiori will take up his position as professor at the Department of Biomedicine on December 1st.


Professor, Dr. Fulvio Reggiori
Aarhus University, Department of Biomedicine
Phone: 87 15 95 27