Meeting of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee 08.09.2021

Participants: Thomas G. Jensen, Peder Søndergaard Madsen,  Tina Fuglsang Daugaard, Anne Lillevang, Tina Drejer.
Absent: Steen Torben Nedergaard, Jakob Le Fèvre Harslund
Minutes taker: Ulla Vosegaard Als  

  1. Approval of the agenda/Godkendelse af dagsorden
    The agenda was approved.
  2. The department’s contribution to the hearing statement to the revised smoking policy/Instituttets bidrag til høringssvar til revideret rygepolitik
    LAMU agreed to support the hearing statement and does not have any additional comments, except that it is appreciative if the stop smoking courses are implemented.
  3. New local occupational Health and Safety leaders / Nye arbejdsmiljøledere i AMO
    In the Skou building both Charlotte Christie Pedersen and Uffe B.S. Sørensen have resigned as occupational health and safety leaders. The new leaders are Hande Login and Lasse Sommer Kristensen.
  4. Procedure regarding new Working environment representative (AMR) / Procedure vedr. ny AMR
    At new year, Bettina Bundgaard resigns as working environment representative, and the organisation is therefore looking for someone to take her place. If more than one person volunteers, we will have an election. This will not be necessary if just one person volunteers. In the next newsletter, a call for a new working environment representative will be included.
  5. Evaluation of evacuation drill / Evaluering af evakueringsøvelse
    The evacuation drills went well. However, the evacuation meeting places signs are no longer to be seen. UVA contacts Anders Moestrup regarding the missing signs, and again for updating the evacuation meeting places, as Biomedicine West and South wishes to have only one evacuation meeting place each as opposed to the two they each have now.
  6. AOB / Evt.
    The alarm went off in Biomedicine South last week and created a bit of confusion, as the students were there and everyone was trying to get out. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, but the alarm was never called off officially, so while the students were trying to get out, some were trying to get back in, as only they had been told it was a false alarm. Jeannette Madsen is taking this matter to Conor Leerhøj as it was an unsafe situation.
    Cathrin Guldager Sørensen has finished her rounds in all buildings regarding chemical waste. Cathrin will send a collective statement regarding chemical waste to all.

    Mandatory lab courses. Charlotte Christie Pedersen will have one last course before the new leaders take over. The course will be for employees in all buildings. From now on, the mandatory lab course will take place every 6 months.