Biomedicine Seminar

Precision medicine and immunopharmacology of arthritis Lecturer: Tue Wenzel Kragstrup

Oplysninger om arrangementet


Onsdag 7. juni 2023,  kl. 12:00 - 13:00


Ll. Anat. aud. 1231-424



Tue Wenzel Kragstrup works part time as a clinician rheumatologist and part time as a lab group leader in the Skou Building. The talk will give an introduction to the immunological background of the disease modifying antirheumatic drugs in clinical use and show contributions from the Kragstrup lab to drug development, drug repurposing and precision medicine.

The overarching theme of the talk will be how to use in vitro models of arthritis for drug development, drug repurposing and precision medicine. The talk will address findings from the failure of the Novo Nordisk NNC0109-0012 anti-IL-20 candidate, associations between the downstream effects and future indications of apremilast, and how tolerance induction could potentially disrupt the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Further, there will be insights in potential treatment of immune related adverse events associated with immune check point inhibitor therapy and anti-inflammatory properties of GLP-1. Finally, the presentation will report newest findings from development of a synovial organoid and how this could be a way to test drugs and personalized medicine.


The seminar will be held at 12:00 pm in 1231 – 424, Lille Anatomisk Auditorium

Or via Zoom, for those of you who cannot attend in person:

The talk is 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of discussion.


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