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Practical info and facilities

Post and Packages

Courier Transfers (domestic/international)

  • GeodisWilson:
    User name: Biomedicine
    Password: Geodis17
    NOTE: To choose your sender address, click the pencil to the left of the address bar, then click "All addresses" and choose your location.

    We recommend that you book online, as the firm charges a fee of DKK 45 for telephone ordering  (tel.: 3699 8700) or by mail.

    Tel.: 70 233 332

    Especially for dry ice: (see Quickguide)
    Always contact FedEx by phone for ordering of shipments on dry ice .
    Shipments from the United States to DK, where the Department pays: you inform the sender of the Department’s account number (your local secretariat will provide the number) (see quickguide).

    Standard packages: online ordering at FedEx Ship Manager TM Lite (packages> 68kg), or by telephone.

    NEW INFO: From 1 December 2018 FedEx and TNT merge, and you have only one sales contact. Read more here.

  • Postnord - express and courier mail:
    Contact: tel: 70 200 200, mail: 
    On-line booking: Username and password (in Danish)

Envelopes, letterheaded paper, business cards

You will receive your business cards within four to five business days.

11371 / i30