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Practical info and facilities

Post and Packages

Courier Transfers (domestic/international)

User name: Biomedicine
Password: Zxcasdqwe12345    
NOTE: To choose your sender address, click the pencil to the left of the address bar, then click "All addresses" and choose your location.

We recommend that you book online, as the firm charges a fee of DKK 45 for telephone ordering  (tel.: 3699 8700) or by mail.

Tel.: 70 233 332
Procedure especially for dry ice: 

  1. Go to LOGON (user-id and password is provided by the secretariat)  to order a pickup and fill out the waybill online at FedEx Ship Manager TM Lite. (See instructions for completing the form).
  2. Then call FedEx on tel .: 70 233 322, please provide tracking no. and account no. and point out that the package must be sent on DRY ICE.
    You will receive a booking no.

Standard packages: Go to LOGON to order a pickup at FedEx Ship Manager TM Lite (packages> 68kg), or by telephone.

NEW INFO: From 1 December 2018 FedEx and TNT merge, and you have only one sales contact. Read more here.

Secretarial assistance

The secretariat at the Department of Biomedicine is for now placed in three centers.

Biomedicine SKOU, which covers buildings 1115 and 1116 and also serves Biomedicine West in buildings 1170-72, 1160, 1163, 1180-82

Biomedicine East covering building 1240-44

Biomedicine South, which covers building 1230-34 

The management secretariat, which provides support for management functions, backup functions and communication tasks, is also located in the Skou building 1116

Secretariat staff memebers

Envelopes, letterheaded paper, business cards

You will receive your business cards within four to five business days.

Stocked Items and Shop

Our new stockroom and shop with laboratory supplies and other items for daily use is located on the 5th floor of building 1116.

Ordering of products

If you need assistance, please contact our office helpers:

  • Mathias Voetmann: 21366473
  • Alma Bjørn Christensen: 93521864
11371 / i30