Time schedule

We will start moving in March. A detailed time schedule is being developed.   

Packing guidelines and labelling

Packing and labelling of boxes, furniture and equipment (special equipment excluded), etc.

Packing instructions from the moving company have been received and these must be followed (see below). Everything that fits in boxes must be packed in boxes. Large pieces of equipment the moving company will put into cages, on pallets or transport in another way. Moving boxes will soon be available in all buildings. Please note that full moving boxes should not be placed in hallways, since they can block escape routes. Each box, each piece of furniture and each piece of equipment to be moved must be marked with a label. The labels will be distributed to the persons responsible for the move as soon as possible. They will also be informed about how to use them and how to fill them in. Only labelled items will be moved. Do not pack moving boxes too heavily. A golden rule says that if you can lift the box up to your chest and walk a few meters with the box, it is not too heavy.

The moving company does not move hazardous materials, fluids and chemicals. Instructions on hw to pack these materials are being developed and a member of each group will need to participate in a short course.  The Department will arrange the move of these materials after packing. The groups will not be doing the moving themselves.     

Everything left behind in the Bartholin building will be disposed of either by giving away items at the AU, sales/auction outside AU or by the wrecking company. Obviously, sensitive personal data or hazardous materials (chemicals), etc. cannot be left behind. By contacting Viggo Nielsen on, it can be arranged to have a container for material which must be shredded brought up to the hallway.

The groups leaving the other complexes may only leave behind removable inventory unless otherwise agreed with the new users.

To take home furniture and equipment etc. is not allowed, even though it appears that it is not planned to be taken into use again. The Department cannot grant an exemption from this. Research groups can sell equipment and spend the money on research, but this must be done according to special rules. Contact Anni Høeg on



Classification and authorisations

Project permits from the Danish Working Environment Authority and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The Department has received approval of the GMO classification applications for the Skou building. It is possible for group leaders to have existing project permissions updated with the new Lab IDs. This is required for permits for activities that are to take place in class 1, class 2 and / or class animals. The easiest way to have existing permissions updated is by sending an email to the Danish Working Environment Authority - use the address:  They ask for a clear indication of which permission is being updated with the new Lab ID in the mail.

The new Lab IDs in Skou:

  • GMO kl. 1 lab id 230 467
  • GMO kl. 2 lab id 230 465
  • GMO kl. 1 and Animals lab id 230 464
  • GMO kl. 2 and Animals lab id 230 466

When you apply for new permits online, you must use the following information:
AU’s CVR: 31119103, Skous P-number: 1023869604 and the address Høegh-Guldbergsgade 10, 8000 Aarhus C (NB: the road from Høegh-Guldbergsgade cannot be used yet). New permits cannot be applied for by e-mail or letter. See more here: (only available in Danish).

Since permits for work with biological agents only need to be renewed in the event of significant changes, they should not be renewed when moving the building when continuing to work in labs with the same precautions / classification.

Regarding isotope permits in Skou: Peder Madsen will apply to become a radiation protection coordinator. For work with isotopes, contact Peder Madsen ( for instruction.

There is no news regarding applications or updates to existing permits to the Animal Research Inspectorate.

Classified rooms in the Skou Building    

Equipment & fridges/freezers

Planning of what must be moved

In the Skou building, all offices are equipped with a desk with a lockable drawer + a shelf system. In one-man offices there are also two chairs for guests. At the Department's expense, a small conference table and a small lockable filing cabinet can be obtained. Ordering of the latter can take place after the move as it is easier to assess the need after we have moved in. All employees are encouraged to bring as little as possible of removable equipment - besides desk chairs - from the old buildings and instead use the interior layout which is offered, including the shelving system in the offices.

Employees who are to move into the other building complexes will, in general, take over the interior layout of the former occupant. In addition, the employee may, of course, bring some objects from his/her current work place as well as acquire new ones. This must be agreed upon on an ad hoc basis.


Freezers and refrigerators on the floors above basement level will, in general, not be moved (in a few cases something else has been agreed upon). The contents is to be packed by the group by using styrofoam boxes, dry ice, etc. The Department will arrange the move of these materials after packing. The groups will not be doing the moving themselves. 


The refrigerators/freezers that have been purchased can be inspected. A set is placed in the Bartholin right inside the door in the research wing. Claus Gamst  will answer questions of technical nature. The management team is currently planning a distribution of refrigerators / freezer on each floors.

Freezers in the basements can be moved with contents to the Skou building, but since the contents of the freezers will be moved while the groups move, it will be necessary to move the group's freezer contents from shared freezers into a "moving freezer" in the afternoon before the move. Some freezers are to be reused in the Skou building, while others will be discarded. The freezers to be discarded will be tagged.

The removal of contents must take place early on the day of the move in order to make the "moving freezer" availale to the groups that are to move later in the afternoon. Similarly, the freezers to be discarded must be emptied on the same day, so that the moving company can move the empty freezer out of the building.


IT and telephones

Each floor has a printer room with copy machines. When your print from your pc or mac, the print is queued at the printer and will not be printed until you activate the print in the printer room by using your access card to identify yourself. Local printers will not be supported in the building.

There is no possibility for landline telephones in the Skou Building, and the current telephone numbers will be discontinued when we move from the Bartholin and the 1170 complexes. If you need a phone for your lab you must buy a cell phone. The subscription charges are payed by the Department.