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Booking of official cars

Official cars are booked via the electronic calendar on the mail server. To book a car, you "invite" your selected car (instead of a person) to meet (same procedure as for the reservation of rooms). The car subsequently confirms your reservation.

OFFICIAL CARS at the Department of Biomedicine

Biomedicine WEST

1171-Toyota Yaris-Blue-TV24836


Keys are collected at the secretariat, room 144, build. 1170


1170-Kia Ceed-Sort- AV89147

Biomedicine SOUTH

1233-Opel Zafira-blue-YC36178

Keys are collected in build. 1234, room 114
Mogens Koed, tlf.: 28992162
Arne Christensen, tlf.: 23382150

Biomedicine EAST

1242-Kia Ceed-koksgrå-BC33564

Keys are collected at the secretariat East, build. 1242, room. 331

7303 / i30