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HR, holidays & absence


Payroll (central admin.)

HE contacts

  • Dagmar Brøndt Kjær(HR-partner)
    Tel. 9350 8296

Enquiries as to recruitment and other general enquiries should be addressed to (the support managers) the JOINT MAILBOX


  • Vibeke Skaarup (HR-supporter)
    Tel. 871 62578
  • Jane Schouborg (HR-supporter)
    Tel. 871 53231

  • Anne Anker-Møller (HR-supporter, barsel)
    Tel. 871 68364


The Department of Biomedicine announces earned holidays to be held in the weeks mentioned below:3. – 28. juli 2017 (4 uger) 22. december 2017 - 2. januar 2018 (1 uge) Særlige feriedage 16.-17. oktober 2017 26.-28. marts 2018

3–28 July 2017 (4 weeks)

22 December 2017 - 2 January 2018 (1 week)

Special holidays

16.-17. oktober 2017
26.-28. marts 2018

Holidays in addition to the ordinary 5 + 1 weeks will be scheduled from 18 October 2017. By agreement with the Head of Department it is still possible in special circumstances to transfer remaining (unscheduled) holiday(s) to the next holiday year.

Change of holidays

Change of holidays

Announced holidays can be changed only for another week/period. It is no longer possible to have unplanned holiday in the holiday management system. 

Paid holidays

The following days are paid holidays at AU:

  • Christmas Eve, 24 December
  • New Year's Eve, 31 December
  • Denmark's Constitution Day, 5 June

The university is closed on these days, but units and departments tending to people, animals, experiments and technology, remain open with the required number of employees at work.

Public Holidays in Denmark

New Year’s Day

January 1

Maundy Thursday, Good
Friday and Easter Monday

Thursday and Friday before
Easter Sunday and Monday
after Easter Sunday

“Store Bededag”
(Danish Rogation Day)

Fourth Friday after Easter

Ascension Day

1½ weeks before Pentecost

Pentecost Sunday and
Monday (Whitsun)

Sunday and Monday after

Christmas Day

December 25

Boxing Day

December 26

Staff can apply for a day off on 1 May if work permits.  


In connection with illness, child's first and second day of illness, child care days and senior days the following rules prevail:

Illness and other types of absence must be reported by email to your local secretariat.

You must also contact your leader and/or colleagues.

The employee will receive a form for registration of absence either by email or ordinary mail. The form must be filled in and returned by email or directly to your local secretariat.

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